ReCruit™ Topical Extracellular Matrix Powder

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ReCruit™ Topical Extracellular Matrix Powder

How it works

Support wound healing with an advanced bioscaffold.
Recruit™ Topical is a biological powder that can be remodeled into vascularized tissue. The powder, which is micronized porcine small intestinal submucosa, is based on technology that has been used in human patients for more than a decade. Now, this technology is available in veterinary care, and it's already making an impact.
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Clinical Evaluations

Learn more about the results some veterinarians and animal owners have achieved after using ReCruit powder to treat a variety of wounds, injuries and mass removal openings.

Ralphie's Story | Fence Entanglement Wound

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Zook's Story | Spider Bite Wound

Download Clinical Evaluation CORP-D62541-EN_F_M3 »

Gizmo's Story | Bite Wound

Download Clinical Evaluation Gizmo-clinicalEvaluation_FINAL »

Harley's Story | Mass Removal

Download Clinical Evaluation Harley-clinicalEvaluation_FINAL »

Libby's Story | Dog Bite Wound

Download Clinical Evaluation Libbys-Story-CE »

Star's Story | Ruptured Abscess

Download Clinical Evaluation Stars-Story-CE »

Spitfire's Story | Degloving Injury

Download Clinical Evaluation Spitfires-Story-CE »

Bindi's Story | Leg Injury

Download Clinical Evaluation Bindis-Story-CE »