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A hand in healing

Who we are:

Cook Animal Health is a small, family-owned company committed to offering veterinary medical devices and food animal generics as alternatives for veterinarians and animal producers.

Why we do it:

It’s our connection with the animals and the fact that we can have a direct impact on their lives. Our sister company, Cook Medical, is a global medical device company that has worked with researchers and physicians since 1963 to develop therapeutic tools. We like that connection as well.

Our focus:

The world of animal health has changed over the past few decades, and there are fewer alternatives than ever before. We think it’s vitally important for an innovative company like Cook Animal Health to offer alternatives. In the end, our focus is the patient…your patients, your pets, your livestock.

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ReCruit™ Topical Extracellular Matrix Powder

ReCruit™ Topical Extracellular Matrix Powder

Recruit™ Topical is a biological powder that can be remodeled into vascularized tissue. The powder, which is micronized porcine small intestinal submucosa, is based on technology that has been used in human patients for more than a decade. Now, this technology is available in veterinary care, and it's already making an impact.

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